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Software issue

If your printer is not working at all, it happens because of software issues. If there are a problem with software or if there is no software provided in your printer, it won’t work. To resolve the issue contact our technical experts they will fix your problem by installing the required software and drivers in your printer.

Driver issue

Printer drivers are mind-boggling bits of programming, and they are the origin of numerous issues since they are composed in a rush at last. If you are having a driver issue in your printer, then contact our experts.

Paper jam

Are you getting 'Paper Jam' error message? Printer jams happen when the paper nourishing through the printer goes amiss. In some cases the printer disregards the issue, fighters, and reject a folded mess into the yield plate; on different events, the printer discontinue working in mid occupation, and the folded mess or some portion of it, stays caught some place inside the machine. To fix this problem, contact our printer tech support experts anytime.


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